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MedEd Connections Resource Guides: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Technology Support

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Technology may be highly beneficial for your child who is D/HH. This includes hearing assistive technology (HAT), amplification devices, telecommunication technology, independent living technology, and much more. Two common categories of HAT are hearing aids and implants.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are either digital or analog, and are made in several styles. The most common hearing aids for children are behind the ear (BTE) because they provide room for growing ears.

Want more details about hearing aids? See Types of Hearing Aid Technology (ASHA)

Want a list of hearing aid styles? See Different Styles of Hearing Aids (ASHA)

Frequency Modulation (FM) Systems

A popular hearing assistive technology (HAT) option is the FM (frequency modulation) system. Typically, FMs are activated through a “boot,” which is attached to a hearing aid or implant. FMs are also useable without hearing aids or implants. The person whom your child wants to hear will wear a microphone and the speaker’s voice will be channeled directly to the ears.

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth devices can direct sound directly to hearing aids and implants.

An audiologist will fit and maintain FM systems and Bluetooth devices; this does not fall under the responsibilities of the TOD. If any of your child’s HAT breaks, consult an audiologist.

Want to hear what it sounds like to listen through an FM System? Watch this short video.

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