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Guidelines for the Assessment and Educational Evaluation of Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Team Members

Personnel with an understanding of deafness will be able to provide the most reliable assessments, interpretation of the results, and recommendations for teams and families. Recommendations are based on the results of the evaluation as they relate to the impact of hearing on communication, language, literacy, social-emotional behaviors, and academic competency. An evaluation may include the following licensed personnel, as appropriate:


  • It may be beneficial to consider additional team members based on the needs of the child. These might include an American Sign Language specialist who can provide useful information about a student’s language or a social worker to address social and emotional concerns.
  • Teams need people who: know about current research, technological innovations, language and child development, and diversity in the deaf community
  • More reliable results come from assessments administered in the student’s native language or mode of communication.