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Literacy and Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Signing Exact English

Signing Exact English

Signing Exact English (S.E.E.) is a sign language system that represents literal English. It is a tool to make visible everything that is not heard. Since American Sign Language (ASL) has different vocabulary, idioms, and syntax from English, SEE modifies and supplements the vocabulary of ASL so children/students can see clearly what is said in English.

S.E.E. Center

The SEE Center provides quality training and support for those who use Signing Exact English. On this website, you will be able to find upcoming workshops and testing sites that are happening in your area and around the country. Please also join us on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you at a class or skillshop in the near future.


Learn to sign what you say! The only app available with Exact English Sign! S.E.E. is used by thousands of families, students and interpreters to enable the English language to become alive and visually accessible. Learn basic signs for communicating with babies, children, students and friends. Keep the Signing Exact English Dictionary at your fingertips for easy reference and a convenient way to expand your signing vocabulary.