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Literacy and Deaf / Hard of Hearing

American Sign Language


ASLCORE is a free website which provides signs and definitions for vocabulary and concepts in various content areas encountered in academic settings. The translation groups for each branch are comprised of all Deaf members, including content experts and ASL master signer/translators. Many entries also contain signed expansions/explanations which are voiced and captioned. The ASLCORE project is created and supported by the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology.


THE ASL APP is all about teaching you conversational ASL. Packed with 1500+ signs and phrases, easy navigation and features, with different signers, The ASL App is designed to make learning easy, accessible, and fun. Start signing today!

ASL Connect

ASL Connect is intended to be a central resource for learning ASL and about Deaf Studies online, with all content created by Deaf ASL-fluent scholars. We offer ways to learn some basic ASL online to get you started, and then we offer highly engaging and interactive ASL and Deaf Studies courses online.

Atomic Hands

Atomic Hands is committed to increasing public accessibility to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through American Sign Language and fostering collaboration and networking opportunities among current and future Deaf STEMists.

ASL University

ASL University (ASLU) is an online American Sign Language curriculum resource center. ASLU provides many free self-study lessons, materials, and information. ASLU has been offering online sign language instruction since 1997. The program began as an effort to support parents of Deaf children living in rural or "outlying" areas without access to sign language classes.

ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide

This ASL Dictionary from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is a modified version of their popular ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide - DIG. The program shows 2,700 signs and 650 sentences that demonstrate how signs change, or “inflect”, to convey different meanings. For example, modifications in hand movements and facial expressions can change the sign for “help” to mean help me, help them, help for a long time, etc. “Afternoon” can change to mean all afternoon, late afternoon or every afternoon. The sentences also show the full range of ASL grammar.

ASL Virtual Academy

Interested in learning American Sign Language? The ASL Virtual Academy offers online, self-paced, American Sign Language classes! Have fun developing your signing skills, and learning about Deaf culture, through pre-recorded video lessons, interactive review activities, signing assignments, comprehension tests, and more!

You will have opportunities to interact with your teacher, classmates, and native signers, all from the convenience of your laptop.

Whether you are wanting to learn how to sign with a deaf family member, co-worker, classmate, friend, or simply wanting to learn a new language and new culture, our classes are for you!

*With agreement from your high school, you can receive up to 2 credits, when you successfully complete ASL 1 + ASL 2.


Handspeak has sign language resources and extracurricular ASL (American Sign Language) materials for language+culture enthusiasts, ASL students and learners, instructors and teachers, interpreters, homeschoolers, parents and professionals for practice or self-study.

Sign It: American Sign Language Made Easy

Sign It ASL is an online beginning American Sign Language course. The complete curriculum will have a total of 10 units that teach beginning conversational ASL (vocabulary, sentences, grammar, and syntax) and Deaf culture.

Sign It ASL is an innovative new online curriculum for learning American Sign Language (ASL). The instruction is done by professional actors (both deaf and hearing) who are fluent in ASL and is highly interactive, entertaining, and engaging. You can complete the lessons at your own pace. Built-in quizzes provide feedback about how well you are learning the material, and there is ample opportunity for practice. You'll see video vignettes showing conversational ASL, interviews with deaf celebrities, and instruction about ASL grammar and Deaf culture. An excerpt from the curriculum can be viewed here.

Because of generous funding from both government and private entities, parents of children 36 months of age or younger who are deaf or hard of hearing can use the curriculum free of charge! To apply, complete and submit the form below. If you do not qualify for the free offer, but would still like to learn ASL, you can purchase online access at

SignOn connect

SignOn is a "Virtual Immersion Program" connecting the hearing and Deaf communities through authentic learning interactions. Through our program, families have the unique opportunity to communicate one-on-one live with a Deaf ASL Ambassador. Families can practice anything from basic vocabulary to daily conversation skills, ask questions about Deaf Culture and Community, and be immersed in ASL. We are available from 8am-10pm EST, seven days a week. Families just need a high speed internet connection and a webcam.

Sign School

SignSchool is a free resource for learning American Sign Language online. Built with an emphasis on interactivity and video-based learning, SignSchool has a variety of context-based lessons as well as grammar lessons and signing comprehension practice. Additional tools include a large, searchable dictionary, a daily Sign of the Day service, and flashcard-style sign review.