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Addressing the Expanded Core Curriculum

Career Education

Learners with visual impairments learn about work and career options through parents, friends, community members, and, more formally, through the transition process at school. Opportunities to explore their strengths and interests in a systematic, well-planned manner are provided through the IEP process. Career exploration and subsequent training may include:

  • Acquisition of specialized skills and equipment;
  • Understanding of how to request and develop natural supports in the workplace; and
  • How to compete in the job market.

Learners who are well prepared for a wide range of vocational choices and the adaptations, including technological devices, that make them attainable are more likely to experience a successful transition from school to work. It is important to provide learners with visual impairments with opportunities to job shadow to gain concrete experiences of various career choices and to learn about other persons with visual impairments who have successful vocational outcomes.