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JAWS / FOCUS / ElBraille Training

The BEST Grant in collaboration with the AT & AEM Center and VFO invite parents, students, educators, and support staff serving students with visual impairments to attend.

This in-service training is designed to re-introduce participants to the key functionality of JAWS screen reading software along with how to utilize FOCUS Braille display technology with JAWS. In addition, the program will introduce participants to Freedom Scientifics’ newest hardware device, the ElBraille portable Braille computer.

The program will start with a review of JAWS screen reading technology, basic screen reader concepts and usage, as well as, coverage of help systems and key learning tools. A review of key "What's New" features in the most recent JAWS version along with a tour of the FOCUS Braille display design and functional capabilities. Utilizing the newest FOCUS 40 Blue Braille display, participants will be introduced to Braille Study Mode and the JAWS’ BrailleIn features.

As a Braille literacy tool, Braille Study Mode can be used as an adjunct to Braille training, providing immediate assistance when the user of JAWS and a Focus Blue Braille display encounter a contracted Braille sign, or single or multi-cell contraction which has been forgotten, or not yet learned. The JAWS' BrailleIn feature reinforces Braille literacy by providing an input "conduit" for text entry in contracted English Braille or Unified English Braille code as a student is using a computer.

Building off of the concepts, functionality and skills described above, the El Braille, portable Braille computer will be introduced and demonstrated to participants. The ElBraille combines the power of a mainstream computer running the Windows® 10 operating system, JAWS® and a FOCUS Braille display to offer a fully accessible compact computer to users.

Dates / Times
Friday, January 19, 2018 from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

470 Glenmont Ave. - Columbus, OH 43214

Mike Wood, VFO – Education

Register Online via OCALI Pass

Registration deadline: January 16, 2018.

Learning Objectives

The participant will:

  • Review JAWS screen reader technology and current “What’s New” JAWS features.
  • Learn FOCUS Braille Display key attributes and functionality.
  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate the JAWS Braille Study Mode.
  • Learn JAWS BrailleIn Capabilities.
  • Be Introduced to the ElBraille portable Braille computer.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions.

Certificate of Attendance:
Five (5) contact hours will be offered for this one day training.