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Recreation and Leisure B/VI

Are you looking for games or adaptive sports programs in Ohio?

MaxiAids is a company that has a multitude of braille and low vision games and toys, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and card games. In addition to games, MaxiAids offers a variety of disability friendly tools, devices, and products. Their product categories include blind/visually impaired, deaf/hard of hearing, games, toys, mobility, medical, household, computers, magnifiers, canes, alarm clocks, pens, and more.

Are you looking for Adaptive Sports Programs in Ohio?

Here are some adaptive sports programs in Ohio that your child may enjoy. Some programs may include kayaking, goalball, skiing, basketball, hiking, and more.


Located in Cuyahoga County, 3 Trackers of Ohio, is an adaptive sports program which offers skiing. First time participants will be individually evaluated to help identify what techniques and/or equipment are most appropriate. Use of the adaptive equipment (sit down devices, hand held modifications, etc.) and individualized lessons are provided at little or no charge.

Variety of Sports

Disability Youth Challenge in the Greater Cleveland area, offers year-round adapted sports and recreational programming to children with such disabilities as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, deafness, or blindness. Participants are paired up at each program with a teenage volunteer who is trained to work and play with a child with a disability.

Seasonal programs include basketball, baseball, swimming, skiing, tennis, arts and crafts, music, sailing, bowling, nature programs, dancing and field trips. Activities are tailored to fit the needs of children with physical disabilities. Many of these events are free and available for children ages 3-18.

The Adaptive Sports Connections program near Columbus, in Powell, OH consists of a team of trained and skilled volunteers providing lessons on sport skills and safety. They also teach your family members skills needed for each adaptive sport, so you can all enjoy sports together. No boundaries. Just sports. Some activities may include cycling, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, climbing, boat sailing, and paddle boarding.

Therapeutic Recreation, part of the Columbus Parks and Recreation, sponsors recreational activities that are modified to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. They enhance an individual's physical, social, and lifetime recreational interests in a broad spectrum of leisure experiences. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, including the non-disabled.

Their Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists will work with participants on accommodations necessary to join in classes at our Community Centers through the use of the "Columbus Recreation and Parks Department Accommodation Request.” Activities may include swimming, baseball, basketball, flag football, volleyball, theater, arts and crafts, hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing.

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission’s Division of Therapeutic Recreation offers leisure services for individuals with disabilities. The services promote healthy lifestyles and provide opportunities to participate in high-quality recreational, social and cultural experiences in the community. Activities may include swimming, golf, boxing, floor hockey, basketball, baseball, archery, biking, arts and crafts.